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Geoscape Buildings 3 Integration

We are pleased to announce that we have recently integrated the latest Geoscape Building product, ‘Geoscape Buildings 3’, into the OneMap platform.

The Geoscape Buildings 3 dataset is a comprehensive dataset that provides detailed information about buildings in a given area. It includes information such as building footprint, area, height, roof form, and roof material data, which can be useful for property developers in a variety of ways.

For example, property developers can use the building footprint and area data to understand the size and layout of a building, which can be useful for planning purposes. The height data can help developers understand the scale of a building and its surrounding context, while the roof form and roof material data can provide insights into the construction and materials used in the building.

Geoscape 3 MCG

This latest Geoscape Building dataset comes with improved accuracy and detail.
Buildings are split into sections of different heights (think awnings), as well better alignment to cadastral boundaries, and more detailed geometry.

As with the previous version of Geoscape Building Data, OneMap allows users to filter buildings layer by height, area, roof material, and/or roof form. This can be valuable, for example, to find sites with vertical development potential.

Geoscape Buildings 2v3

Overall, the Geoscape Buildings 3 dataset can be a valuable resource for property developers looking to understand the properties they are working on or considering for development. It can help developers to make informed decisions about how to approach their projects and to identify potential challenges or opportunities.

AUTHOR: Michael Cushen